Iran to Unveil Fighter Jet as It Boosts Missile Capability


Iran will unveil a new fighter jet this week as part of the nation’s plan to boost its defense capability, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said, in a show of force as the country faces bruising new U.S. sanctions.

Development of “missile capabilities, considered as our defensive deterrent power, will remain Iran’s top priority despite crippling economic sanctions imposed by the U.S.,” Hatami was quoted as saying Saturday on state TV, state-run Mehr news agency reported. “If any country wants to threaten our security, it will receive a crushing response.”

Earlier this month, Iran unveiled a new generation of missiles dubbed the “Fateh Mobin,” citing the need to protect the nation. Iran’s ballistic missile program is one reason the U.S. has given for quitting an international nuclear deal with Tehran and reimposing sanctions, beginning this month.

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