Iran Wants Nuke Deal for Helping in Iraq


mohammad-nahavandianIran is open to working with the U.S. on the crisis in Iraq as long as it gets tit-for-tat.

President Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff, Mohammad Nahavandian, said Iran would be willing to help the U.S., but only if talks on its nuclear program are successful. He told reporters that would be a “test for confidence building” and Iran would go from there.

“If that comes to a final resolution, then there might be opportunities for other issues to be discussed,” he said. Read more at AFP.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. They think Obama will fall for it. He will let them take over the hard-won Iraq and throw in nukes as a thank you. They must think he’s an idiot. I wonder why.

  2. This is a ridiculous attempt by a foolish regime to connect matters that are not related. On a practical level this should concern Iran more than us. The fact is that the Sunni SIS would not hesitate to commit genocide against entire Shiite populations- and Iran is Shiite.

  3. Even after five years in office, years that have seen Iran brutally suppress peaceful protesters, torture and kill political prisoners, persecute religious minorities, ship arms to terrorist groups, and prop up the genocidal regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, Obama clings to the notion that Iran can be trusted to abandon its nuclear weapons program if we just concoct the right words on paper in Geneva. How can any agreement be enforceable when seen against the backdrop of Iran’s brazen commitment to such reprehensible regimes. This is just another warning that the greatest indicator of Iran’s future intent is on its present and past conduct.


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