Iran Welcomes ‘Anti-Zionist’ Palestinian Reconciliation


iran-foreign-ministry-spokeswoman-marziyeh-afkhamYesterday, Iran welcomed a reconciliation deal between the two main Palestinian factions – the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Hamas –which it said was against the “Zionist regime,” a reference to Israel.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran salutes the reconciliation of the Palestinian groups against the Zionist regime… and against the excessive demands and aggressions of the Qods (Yerushalayim) occupation regime,” said foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham. Read more at Global Post.



  1. Why does this piece require Matzav to go beyond their normal commendable bounds of tznius and feature a photo of a woman?

    I in no way wish to say that it is fitting to use photos of Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin when a story appears regarding them but at least one understands the connection.

    I do not begin to understand what this picture has to do with this news story.

  2. Spare us your non-sense. She is completely covered and there is nothing wrong in halacha. Save your chumros for shmiras halashon.


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