Iran: We’ll Start Using Advanced Centrifuges After Deal Signed


irans-foreign-minister-zarifIran’s negotiator in the nuclear negotiations and its nuclear chief revealed on Tuesday that after a final deal is signed by a June 30 deadline on the framework reached last week, Iran will unleash its most advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment, threatening a quick turnover in producing a nuclear weapon, Arutz Sheva reports.

Iran’s semi-official FARS news agency reported on a closed meeting held Tuesday by Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) chief Ali Akbar Salehi, in which they briefed members of Iran’s parliament on the deal being finalized.

In their statements, they said Iran’s most advanced IR-8 centrifuges will be used as soon as the deal removing world sanctions against Iran begins.

The report noted the two said the advanced centrifuges enrich uranium 20 times faster than the current IR-1 models, meaning they would radically reduce the breakout time needed for Iran to obtain a nuclear arsenal.

In the meeting Zarif and Salehi told the parliament “that the country would inject UF6 gas into the latest generation of its centrifuge machines as soon as a final nuclear deal goes into effect by Tehran and the six world powers,” according to the report.

“The AEOI chief and the foreign minister presented hopeful remarks about nuclear technology R&D which, they said, have been agreed upon during the talks, and informed that gas will be injected into IR-8 (centrifuges) with the start of the (implementation of the) agreement,” Iranian MP Javad Karimi Qoddousi was quoted as saying by the site. Read more.



  1. Yidden realize you cannot trust the arab, persian or eqyptian’s… this article is a clear picture of what netanyahu has been saying.

    I’m no zionist, but netanyahu is not crazy, he is trying to protect all yidden from the goyim.

  2. MitzvahCampaign:
    True true what you’re saying. But it’s up to us frum yidden to realize now that the end is finally near and tshuvah is our strongest weapon. Iran’s power is mind boggling. And the only way for us to feel/be safe is with our pure emunah and bitachon. everything in the world is so out of whack that nothing short of a miracle will ever put things back into place. I.e. Seems to me that moshiach’s arrival is imminent!

  3. There is no logical explanation whatsoever why the world is willing to go along with Obama’s insane plan of allowing them to maintain an extensive, advanced nuclear program on the very brink of a nuclear-bomb breakout, and relying on UN inspections to prevent such a breakout, while they advance in developing ICBM missles to chalila deliver these horrible devastating weapons to the cities ofthe world. One would expect that the streets of the US cities would be in total uproar against this insanity. But the whole world sleeps. Who is sedating the world to allow this unthinkable nightmare to evolve? This is a most unnatural phenomenon. Totally unexplainable. It is the Yad Hashem maneuvering the world into a situation in which we need big big Rachmei Shomayim. What this will lead to we don’t know. Hashem yerachem!


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