Iranian Hackers Behind Electronic Assaults on U.S. Banks


cyber-attackIranian hackers with government ties have mounted cyberattacks against American targets in recent months, U.S. officials say. The attacks bore “signatures” that allowed U.S. investigators to trace them to the Iranian government. The hackers appear to be a network of Iranian computer-security specialists at universities and network security companies.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told the Cabinet on Sunday: “There are increasing attempts to carry out cyberattacks on computer infrastructures in the State of Israel. Every day there are attempts, even many attempts, to infiltrate Israel’s computer systems.” Israel “is working to block these attempts by developing what I would call a ‘digital Iron Dome’ for Israel to defend against computer terrorism. Just as we have the Iron Dome system against missiles and a security fence against infiltrators and terrorism – we will have a similar defense against cyberattacks.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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