Iranian President Rouhani: “Israel Can Never Feel Safe”


“Israel can never feel that it is in a safe place,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said as Iranians gathered for International Quds (Jerusalem) Day, Far reports.

Rouhani added, “God willing, this year, Quds Day rallies will be held more massively than previous years and, God willing, the Palestinian people will return to their territories one day.”



  1. This after the foolish Israeli PM Coward Bibi offers to fix Iran’s water crisis. Did Bibi think that Iran will like Israel more?

    • You seem like you don’t understand the way the world works.
      Bibi knew the Iranians wouldn’t take him up on the offer. It was done to show the world that Israel wants peace with Iran; it is Iran that wants war.
      Bibi’s ploy actually worked on you. You called Bibi foolish and a coward, because you actually thought he meant it. Which proves Bibi knows what he’s doing. He’s very smart.


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