Iron Dome Downs Gaza Rockets Over Tel Aviv


tel-aviv-rocketIron Dome shot down a Gaza rockets over central Israel as air raid sirens were sounded over Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas this morning, as Operation Protective Edge enters its third day.

Hamas took responsibility for the rocket fire at Tel Aviv, after a violent day saw rockets hit communities and open areas ranging from the southern Gaza area and central Israel even further north. In one case, a rocket even killed a number of cows after debris hit their stable.

After Iron Dome intercepted the morning salvo at Israel, debris fell on Israel’s coastal metropolis, falling near a gas station in south Tel Aviv and even along parts of the city’s highway, causing light damage to cars. Hamas said it fired two M75 rockets at Israel, one of which was intercepted by Iron Dome.

Earlier in the morning, a rocket exploded near a road in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, causing damage to the road, but failing to cause injuries. Iron Dome also intercepted a rocket launched at the southern town of Netivot, also in the Gaza region. Late Wednesday night, the system intercepted four rockets fired at Ashkelon.

The overnight incidents followed a tense and violent day which saw rocket salvos and missiles reach deeper into Israel than ever before.

15 rockets were fired at Israel in a 15-minute span of time late Wednesday, all of which were either intercepted or fell in open areas.

At least two rockets fell in open areas north of Zikhron Ya’akov, just 37 km south of Haifa, in what was the longest reaching rocket attack since Operation Protective Edge began late Monday.

Earlier Wednesday, Hamas claimed responsibility for rocket fire on the southern city of Dimona, saying their target was the city’s nuclear reactor. Iron Dome missile defense battery intercepts one rocket.

Dimona’s mayor said, “We already opened shelters yesterday although we did not receive explicit instructions to do so.”

Sirens also sounded in Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon LeZion, as Iron Dome intercepts new round of rocket fire from Gaza over the skies of the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.

Earlier in the morning, five rockets were fired at the Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the morning, as fighting in the south continued to escalate. Throughout the day rockets rained on southern Israel.

According to the IDF, roughly 255 rockets were fired at Israel since Operation Protective Edge began late Monday night. Some 69 of those rockets were intercepted by Israel’s advanced Iron Dome missile interception system.


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