Iron Dome Sparks Interest From Potential Buyers Around World


iron-domeFollowing the Iron Dome missile defense system’s success in last month’s conflict with Hamas, several nations have expressed interest in purchasing the Israeli-created and American-funded system, The New York Times reported Thursday.

While experts note that Iron Dome has limitations – it was designed to intercept unsophisticated rockets with a range of less than 50 miles – countries such as South Korea and Singapore have reportedly been in discussions to purchase the system.

In South Korea, officials believe Iron Dome could defend its populated areas near the border with North Korea, according to The New York Times.

Anti-missile defense advocates in the U.S. are also urging the military to consider Iron Dome for the defense of ground units such as those deployed in Afghanistan, the report said.

“I think the successes of Iron Dome create a pretty big opening,” Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance Chairman Riki Ellison was quoted as saying.

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