ISIS Beheads 21 Christians



ISIS fighters in Libya may have beheaded the 21 Egyptian Christians they’ve been holding hostage. A video released by the group reportedly shows the men in orange jumpsuits on a beach.

The group says it’s revenge for “Muslim women persecuted by Coptic crusaders in Egypt.”

The men, all migrant workers, were abducted from Sirte over the past two months. On Shabbos, another 21 Egyptians were kidnapped from Misrata. Read more at Al Jazeera.

{ Newscenter}


  1. These cowardly masked murderers are the faces of Satan on earth, wallowing in craven bloodlust and delusions of eternal glory to compensate for a fundamental self-loathing, a self-loathing born of their inadequacy and incapacity to cope with real life, real responsibility and real manhood. They wield their knives like phalluses, desperate to prove they are something more than the cancer on the face of God’s creation that they actually are.

  2. Mr. Sears, why do you call them cowardly? I cannot think of a single positive way to describe them, but I still do not believe that cowardice is an appropriate word to use, though it is often used about these terrorists. I guess it’s seen as the ultimate taunt?


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