ISIS Last Escape Route From Raqqa ‘Cut Off’ By US-Backed Fighters


US-backed forces have completely surrounded the ISIS-held city of Raqqa in Syria after cutting off militants’ last remaining escape route monitors have said.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had succeeded in “completely encircling” the group’s largest stronghold.


Thousands of ISIS fighters are believed to have fled Raqqa into the group’s territory to the south, including the city of Deir Ezzor. Read more at The Independent.



  1. It wasn’t bad enough that Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton conspired together and paid nearly billion dollars ($770 million dollars) in taxpayer money to renovate mosques overseas (which happened at a time when the US Marine Corps had about two-thirds of their fighter jets grounded because they didn’t have money for parts! If Hillary were elected president, she would have done anything to accelerate Obama’s policies towards radical Muslim terrorists. After all, Hillary Clinton’s famous statement was: “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. MUSLIMS are peaceful and tolerant people and HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH TERRORISM.”).

    Congresswoman Gabbard went to Syria, then was interviewed by CNN afterward with Jake Tapper where she unloaded with information that Tapper didn’t want to hear. Tulsi Gabbard revealed solid proof that the Obama administration was funding the terrorist groups. She stated that Syrians ‘expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking their streets.’ But they also wanted to know ‘why is it that the United States, its allies and other countries, are providing support, are providing arms, to terrorist groups like Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, ISIS.


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