ISIS Supporters Use Finsbury Park Attack To Call For More Atrocities Against The West


ISIS supporters have used London’s Finsbury Park mosque terror attack to call for more atrocities against the West.

Twisted messages allegedly sent between pro-ISIS supporters appeared on Twitter, calling on fanatics to “wake up” to “the war starting now in your own streets”.

The twisted rant, sent from a group called ‘War news/ Ummah [community] news’ questioned why the attacker had not been shot by police like the killers behind the London Bridge attack earlier this month.

It said: “Oh Muslimeen when your brothers took revenge on the crusader nationals for the slaughter they are carrying out on the Muslims, they were shot on site by the the British Police.

“Then how come the Police never shot a Kaafir [non-believer].”

It then called on group members to take action, saying: “Oh Muslims you need to wake up the war is starting now in your own streets outside your own Masajids. Read more at The Mirror.




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