Islamic State: “Allah Willing, We Will Continue To Fight Against The Israelis And Their Allies”


isisIn a new video here, the Islamic State contradicts the oft-repeated claim that the Islamic State has no interest in the “Palestinian” jihad – see, for example, Jay Michaelson, who claimed in the Jewish Daily Forward that “the Islamic State is a Salafist jihadist/fundamentalist movement that regards Hamas as impure and the Israel/Palestinian conflict as largely irrelevant.”

In this video, the Islamic State makes it abundantly clear that the “Palestinian” jihad is extremely important to it. And as always, the jihadis ground and justify their actions in Islam, boasting that they will destroy kufr (unbelief) and the unbelievers (kuffar).

Here are some stills from the video:

As long as there's a truthful MuslimWe will not give up on one span of PalestineAgainst the Israelis and their alliesWe will crush the Kufr and the KuffartosupportIslamToday the Kuffr become fearfulForgotten the path of the prophet A Harbinger of doom for the Kuffar


{ Newscenter}


  1. > “Allah willing, we will continue to fight against the Israelis…”

    >> I guess they haven’t figured out yet that Allah is NOT willing.

  2. Recall that the Nazis waged was against the world as the superior race. ISIS is now waging war against the world as the superior religion.

    It should be abundantly clear to all that Hamas is the key ally to ISIS thereby making Hamas totally unworthy of any “rebuilding” assistance from the UN and other radical left wingers.


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