Islamic State Claims To Seize Millions From Iraqi VP


isis-terrorists-3Islamic State operatives have seized millions of dollars from the vice president of Iraq and intend to distribute the money to the poor, according to a video released to the internet on Sunday.

The video shows stacks of American dollars as well as several gold bars allegedly seized on August 11 from a palace belonging to Osama al-Nujayfi, former speaker of the Iraqi Parliament and current Iraqi Vice-President.

“Observe oh Muslims, all this money… see these dollars, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars here, maybe even millions of dollars, praised be to Allah, who enabled the mujahideen [fighters] of the Islamic State in Nineveh Province to seize this money,” a narrator says in Arabic, according to a translation provided by MEMRI.

“This money has returned to it’s rightful owners – the poor. This money belongs to the poor. Those pigs used to indulge themselves with this money at the expense of the poor. Praised be Allah for enabling us to restore this money to the IS treasury,” the voice-over continues.

The narrator then states that the cash was looted from “one of the homes of the apostate Osama al-Nujayfi. Let that pig watch this money. Oh al-Nujayfi, allah willing, just like we took your money, we shall chop off your head.”

Al-Nujayfi originally hails from Mosul, in the Nineveh Provence, an area overrun by Islamic State forces in June of this year. After serving as Ministry of Industry and parliament speaker, he was elected as one of Iraq’s two vice-presidents in 2014. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO.

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