Islamic State Mocks US With Photoshopped Santa Held Hostage


isis-santaIslamic State members and supporters online are distributing a photoshopped image of Santa Claus being held hostage by the group. The dark humor and heavy sarcasm of Islamic State (ISIS) supporters define its aggressive social media campaigns that position the group as the “cool” successor to the out-of-style Al-Qaeda.

It is unconfirmed if the original source was created by an Islamic State member/supporter, though an intelligence source involved in monitoring extremist online activity believes it was. Nonetheless, Islamic State supporters have happily been posting it and using it to mock the U.S.

The cropped image of Santa Claus about to be beheaded isn’t just part of the Islamic State’s humor or entirely a joke. It emanates from a supremacist worldview that seeks the forced extinction of all contrary beliefs. JIHAD WATCH

{ Newscenter}



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