Islamic Waqf Officials Arrested On Har Habayis After Attacking Jewish Visitors


Amid the 50th anniversary of Yerushalayim’s reunification Wednesday, the Israel Police arrested two guards from the Har Habayis’ Jordanian-run Islamic Waqf after Waqf officials attacked Jewish visitors and police officers at the holy site.

The arrests came after Jewish visitors began singing on the Har Habayis. As Israel Police officers, who had escorted the Jewish visitors to the Har Habayis, attempted to quickly remove the Jewish group from the holy site, Waqf officials intervened and began taunting and attacking the visitors as well as police officers.

“The police officers got the group away from the [Temple] Mount and arrested two of the Waqf officials,” stated the Israel Police, which launched an investigation into the incident.

Video footage of the clashes filmed by Yishai Fleisher, international spokesman for the Jewish community of Chevron, shows a riot breaking out on the Har Habayis and the Israel Police quickly escorting a bloodied Waqf official away from the holy site.




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