Israel’s Ambassador Dermer: ‘It’s a Disgrace to Call Abbas ‘a Man of Peace”


ron-dermerBy D. Bender

Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, this week launched an unprecedented attack on Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, calling him “an enemy of Israel, who educates children to hate Jews and wants to establish a Judenrein” Palestine, Israel’s NRG News reported Monday.

“President Abbas, who wrote a research paper that denies the Holocaust, is the second greatest threat to Israel,” he said, and added that “it is a disgrace to call him a man of peace,” said Dermer, speaking before some 5,000 participants at “A Night to Honor Israel,” held in Washington under the auspices of pro-Israel evangelist pastor, John Hagee.

The ambassador, referring to Abbas’ recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly, in which the Palestinian leader claimed that Israel is inflicting a “genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza, said, “Since 1967, the Palestinian population has doubled four times to three or four million people, and President Abbas dare stand up to the world stage of the United Nations and blames Israel for the Holocaust?! What a shame, what a shame that someone in this world calls Abbas a ‘man of peace,'” Dermer charged.

Standing before a largely evangelical Christian audience, Dermer spoke at length about the threat posed by radical Islam, and noted that “Sunni and Shiite extremists are slaughtering each other and even among themselves, which reminds us again that the greatest sufferers from radical Islam are Muslims themselves.”

But, Dermer added, “the dark clouds of Islam are threatening not only the Middle East. There are beheadings not only in Iraq but also in Oklahoma (a month ago, a Muslim employee who was fired from a food factory decapitated a co-worker). Brutal murders are done not only in Benghazi and in Sinai, but also in Ottawa and Fort Hood [TX].”

Dermer devoted a large part of his speech to the agreement emerging between Iran and western powers.

“It’s one thing when fanatics are armed with axes, but it’s quite another when they are armed with a nuclear bomb, and this danger is approaching as the world approaches the agreement with Iran. I do not know if there is an agreement, but Israel is very concerned,” he said.

“We’re concerned because a year ago some hoped that the tough sanctions regime on Iran would be dismantled only if Iran’s nuclear weapons program were dismantled. Today, the international community is prepared to make a deal that would suspend and ultimately lift the sanctions.

“But no one is talking about dismantling Iran’s nuclear weapons program anymore.

“You don’t have to be a nuclear expert to understand that reducing pressure on the world’s most dangerous regime and leaving it on the threshold of developing the world’s most dangerous weapons is not a good deal. The international community is prepared to leave Iran with thousands of centrifuges to enrich uranium – when Iran doesn’t even need a single centrifuge to have peaceful nuclear energy.

“We’re told not to worry, that UN inspectors will prevent Iran from breaking out or sneaking out to build the bomb. Well, I’m sure you all feel as safe as I do knowing that a few Inspector Clouseau’s at the UN is all that stands between fanatic Ayatollahs and nuclear bombs,” Dermer said.

Christian evangelicals believe in the validity of Biblical prophesies about Israel, and are considered the largest organized religious group in the United States. For the most part they support Israel religiously.

Dermer talked about the traditional Jewish belief of the biblical connection to the Land of Israel and said, “The establishment of the State of Israel gives meaning to history. The claim that Israel is the occupier is a false statement. When the nation of Israel is in the land of Israel it is in its home.”

“The battle for Jerusalem has begun,” Hagee, the founder and national chairman of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), told a worldwide audience on Oct. 14, according to Charisma News.

“Americans need to recognize the historical fact that the Palestinians have absolutely no historical claim to the land of Israel. There has never been, historically, an autonomous group of Palestinians who ever existed,” Hagee said at the event.

In August, during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, Hagee led a group of 51 pastors – one from every state, and the District of Columbia – on a solidarity mission to the Jewish State.

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  1. The US and Israel govt and the UN and EU foolishly think they’ll win the Arabs over by sugar coating them and their leaders (who are no better than them). Had they told the Arabs in their face what they truly believe they are and put their foot down for every act of violence, they’d be better off today with this animals.

  2. Arabs are not timing. These thugs who want Israel to concede its boundaries and control of Judaism’s holy sites are fascist criminals.

    No concession should be given.

    These are negligent times.

    The Torah is not for sale!

    Never again!


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