Israel Air Force Chief: How the Gaza War Could Have Been Shortened


israel-maj-gen-amir-eshelMaj.-Gen. Amir Eshel, commander of the Israel Air Force, told Israel’s Channel 10 news Thursday that during last summer’s Israel-Hamas war, had Israel struck key tower blocks in Gaza used as Hamas control centers earlier in the conflict, rather than on the 47th day, the war would have ended sooner.

With regard to the Iranian nuclear threat, he said the use of military force “is the last resort….I have to prepare a capability so that if a decision is taken, we have the genuine capacity to get the job done.” The TV report said that Israel has invested “immense resources” in preparing for a possible strike on Iran. “The Israeli Air Force has been building the capacity to attack Iran for more than a decade.”

With regard to the Russian-made S-300 air defense system, which Moscow has indicated it may supply to Iran, Eshel said its deployment would present “a significant challenge,” but that the air force had been “developing our capabilities – our technology and methodology” for some time to meet the challenge.

{ Israel}


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