Israel Airport Authority Surrenders To Workers, Adds 50 Staff


ben-gurionIsrael Airports Authority management is giving in: in talks with the workers’ committee, it was agreed that management would hire 50 more staff until the end of the Jewish holiday season in October to cope with the anticipated increase in passenger traffic. As a result, the bottleneck at Ben Gurion Airport that disrupted flights yesterday and today and left passengers stranded freed up.

The Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel) declared a work dispute at the Airports Authority on Monday, citing the Airports Authority’s growing use of contract labor and the workers’ deteriorating work conditions.

A workers’ committee spokeswoman today asserted that the work dispute had no connection to the disruptions at Ben Gurion Airport yesterday and today, because the two-week cooling off period following the declaration of a work dispute had not expired. She argued that the only cause of the disruptions was a genuinel shortage of personnel.




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