Israel Approves Transfer of Tax Revenues to PA


palestinians1Israel has renewed the transfer of Palestinian tax funds it collects to the Palestinian Authority. The transfer was frozen at the end of November after the Palestinians petitioned the UN General Assembly to upgrade their status to that of nonmember observer state.

A source in the Prime Minister’s Office said Tuesday that the transfer of $100 million is only a one-time step, in light of the PA’s dire financial straits, and that the matter will be reexamined at the end of next month. The PA is finding it difficult to pay its security forces.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. In other words, the Arab offer to meet the PA’s expenses has scared the Israeli government into behaving rationally, for a change. The PA having an established financial connection with major Arab nation-states would bring a new and unpredictable element into the equation. My prediction: The PA will go ahead and take the money from the Saudis too, just to be sure they aren’t dependent on whatever political winds are blowing in the Knesset. You can’t put a broken egg back together again, and Bibi broke the diplomatic egg with his punitive reactions to the PA statehood bid.

  2. Actually #2 the Arab countries pledged 100 million dollars and they’ve failed to deliver. Get your facts straight before giving you’re ridiculous commentary.


  3. A contract is a contract – and never let it be said that the government of the State of Israel ever reneged on having to make a contractual payment.

  4. OK people, I took my meds. Please disregard my previous #2 commentary. I really meant to discuss my wife’s threat to accept money from her parents, if I wouldn’t cover her credit-card bill. Then I remembered I don’t have a wife; the only fun I have left in my life is to troll Jewish websites with my absurdity.


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