Israel Builds Trade Gateway to Arab World


haifa-portA Turkish freighter carries 37 trucks to the Israeli port of Haifa, bringing goods from Europe to customers in Jordan and beyond. According to numerous international businessmen, goods continue from Jordan into Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Until three years ago these trucks would have come through Syria, but the civil war has made that journey too perilous. The number of trucks crossing between Israel and Jordan has jumped some 300% since 2011, to 10,589 a year. Transit containers shipped to Israel from Turkey for passage on to other countries increased to 77,337 tons in 2013 from 17,882 tons in 2010.

“Israel is returning to its historic role, as a transit country, as a bridge between continents, where historic trade routes passed through,” said Yael Ravia-Zadok, head of the Middle Eastern Economic Affairs Bureau in Israel’s Foreign Ministry. Israel has “not even begun to scratch at the potential.” Read more here.

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  1. I honestly think that Hashem created Ishmael not to destroy the jewish spirit but to be a partner in trade in the reality that G-d can direct futures with good hope. We need to get our own communities to keep Torah better and maybe Hashem will reward us with more people who clearly live in our neighborhood learning that we were not their trial basis for change. Torah teaches us that when you keep Torah perfectly in your ways, Hashem will make your enemy a friend. Torah may be teaching us that we need to work harded to find a better future. But of course, we are in a very arrogant culture of militant islamicists. This is scary. I would not be surprised if the arab soul loses his voice for all perpetuity because he forgot his place in the world is to be a nation and not a justice ministry. Still, they have some intelligence. Just play the hand of who has less violence and see what they do. Probably it might not be a blessing to see the arab get his way against his own terror. Never Again.


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