Israel Dominates the New Middle East


netanyahu-barakWe were warned that the battle between Israel and the Palestinians might spread because we are in a new and much more dangerous Middle East where Islamists are in power. In fact, there is a very low likelihood of a broader regional conflict. It’s true that we’re in a new Middle East, but it’s one in which Israel has become the region’s superpower.

In a thorough 2010 study, The Arab-Israeli Military Balance, Anthony Cordesman and Aram Nerguizian document how over the past decade Israel has outstripped its neighbors in every dimension of warfare. But Israel’s real advantages are in the quality and effectiveness of its military, in terms of both weapons and people. Despite being dwarfed by the Arab population, Israel’s army plus its high-quality reservists vastly outnumber those of the Arab nations. Its weapons are often a generation ahead of those used by its adversaries.

This is why Egypt, despite being under a new Islamist government, is not going to risk war with Israel. Nor are the other Arab states. They will make fiery speeches and offer humanitarian assistance. But they will not fight alongside the Palestinians in Gaza. Read more here.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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  2. Since the Arab Spring,the disproportion is greater even

    plus the awareness that Libya,Egypt,Yemen & Syria

    are presently incapable of a large scale offensive

  3. … you will see that it is nothing but yet another anti-Israel propaganda piece about how ‘strong’ Israel (10,000s of terrorist rockets conveniently forgotten about already) is the one stubbornly refusing to make peace. Standard leftist lies, real shame to see them repeated here


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