Israel, Egypt Said to See “Eye to Eye” on Regional Issues –


dore goldDore Gold, director-general of Israel’s foreign ministry, visited Cairo on Sunday to discuss “how to push the peace process forward,” Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported, citing Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdelatty.

The meeting, and the fact that the Egyptians made it public, seems to indicate an interest by Cairo to play a more high-profile role in the diplomatic process.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry statement on Sunday stressed that this was the highest level visit from an Israeli Foreign Ministry official “in years.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it was “pleased” with the outcome of the talks and that the two countries see “eye to eye” on a number of issues, the NRG news site reported.

Israeli diplomats were said to be satisfied with Cairo’s plans to maintain its tough stance toward Hamas, despite recent media reports signaling an easing of Egyptian restrictions. Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold told his Egyptian hosts, “When discussing regional challenges, both countries speak the same language.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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