Israel Gives Palestinians Ebola Screening Equipment


ebola-israelIsrael transferred Ebola screening tools on Sunday to Palestinian Authority in the hopes it will help PA officials in diagnosing the virus among those entering the West Bank from Jordan and the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing. The transfer was made following a Palestinian request.

The aim behind the move, among other reasons, is to prevent the possible spread of the deadly virus not only in the Gaza Strip, but into Israel’s territories as well. As part of the agreement, the Allenby border crossing with Jordan will also be supplied with the detection devices.

The medical equipment was transferred to the Health Ministry offices in the Gaza Strip, from where it was taken to the Rafah Crossing. Hamas is the sole party responsible for the transport of the equipment once it reaches Gaza.

The equipment includes a special thermometer that can measure a person’s temperature with no bodily contact, which was transferred to Hamas security forces, who have exclusive control over the Rafah area. Also transferred were dozens of laboratory kits for diagnosing the virus through the use of a blood test, as well as protective suits.

The act of collaboration benefits both parties, as Israel recognizes the possibility that the reach of the deadly virus to the Gaza Strip, imported from African countries, increases the chances that the disease could spread into Israeli territories. Read more at Ynet.

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