Israel Has “Earned the Right to Be Listened To” About Iran


yair-lapidIsraeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid told CNBC in an interview: “People have to remember that when they wonder why we have been so loud against this agreement with Iran, for us it’s not academic or theoretical, it’s existential. Here’s a regime that’s been loud about its wish and commitment to the destruction of Israel.”

“We understand the U.S. means well and is doing its best under very complicated circumstances, [but] we think we have earned the right to be listened to.”

{ Newscenter}


  1. Yes finally he is doing better but he only gets a C on his answer, partial credit because if he is talking “existential” he forgot Who and what keeps our existence. G-d and our mitzvos. Achdos (togetherness)and not divisiveness doesn’t hurt either.


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