Israel Imports 20 Police Service Dogs From The Czech Republic


Israel received 20 police service dogs from the Czech Republic that will be used to capture and neutralize criminal suspects and identify explosives, weapons, drugs and money.

The one-year-old dogs will undergo six-month of training before being integrated with the existing 220 police service canines.

Senior dog trainers and a veterinarian from the police’s animal training unit conducted a thorough search in the Czech Republic for the highly-specialized service dogs.

JNS.ORG / Israel


  1. Gotta love the trainers. I was at their training center several years ago, with a US Department of Defense Delegation. The Israelis told us they train the dogs in Hebrew, and that there is no command for “release”. Once a dog latches on to a target, it won’t let go. It’s jaws have to be pried loose.

    They also have some other nifty techniques they use with the dogs, but I’d rather not mention them.


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