Israel Partners With Lockheed Martin On National Cybersecurity Curriculum


lockheed-martinThe Israeli Ministry of Education announced a partnership with the U.S. defense firm Lockheed Martin to enrich Israel’s cybersecurity curriculum for high school students.

The partnership, which was discussed during the recent CyberTech 2015 conference in Tel Aviv, is aimed at increasing the number of Israeli cyber and computer science professionals.

“Israelis place a high cultural value on technology and innovation, which today requires an equally highly skilled and knowledgeable cyber workforce to protect it,” said Joshua Shani, chief executive of Lockheed Martin Israel. “We are excited to lend our expertise to developing that workforce for the benefit of Israel’s economy and national security.”

The head of the Technology and Information Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Education, Dr. Ofer Rimon, said the ministry “invests resources in expanding the number of students studying math, science, and technology in high levels, and fostering and training teachers.”




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