Israel Plans High-Tech Parking Enforcement


israel-parking-policeThe Tel Aviv municipality is planning a centralized parking law enforcement system that will significantly streamline the issuing of parking tickets and the collection of fines.

A pre-tender proceeding, the results of which are currently being examined by the municipality, indicates that the municipality wishes to establish a comprehensive software, hardware, and communications network to operate a single supervisory system for enforcement of the parking laws using mobile and stationary cameras (the latter installed on poles), and a control, management, and command system, similar to the national A-3 control system.

The pre-tender proceeding examines the availability and practicality of information servers, among other things parking tickets, examination of video information, and synchronization with data and information from the municipal systems or government systems, including identification and tracking of license numbers and the use of cameras working day and night.

It is believed that the system can significantly streamline and increase the pace of producing tickets to an automated level, thereby making it unnecessary to deploy parking inspectors on foot. The municipality collects NIS 150 million every year just from parking fines, not including revenue from legal parking, which is much lower.

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