Israel Protests Jordanian Support of Har Nof Terrorists’ Families



The Israeli Embassy in Amman on Monday issued a letter of protest to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry in reaction to Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour’s letter of support to the families of the two Palestinian terrorists behind the Nov. 18 massacre in Har Nof.

The terrorists entered the Bnei Torah shul in Har Nof armed with guns and axes, killing four Yidden and a Druze police officer, before being shot dead by police.

On Monday, Israeli diplomats presented their Jordanian counterparts with several examples of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel cartoons that were recently published in Jordan, pointing to the scope of the ongoing Arab incitement that results in the escalation of attacks against Jews.

Jordan and Egypt are the only Arab nations that have diplomatic relations with Israel.


{ Israel}


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