Israel: Salmonella in Cornflakes Has Unilever Under Fire


Consumers have expressed anger with the Unilever food company, whose flagship products, cornflakes and DeliPecan, have been found to be contaminated as a result of serious malfunctions on the production lines, Ynet reports.

So serious has the situation become that retailer chains have reported that the public has almost completely stopped buying Unilever products.

According to the Health Ministry, which looked into the matter, initial findings show that the contamination caused by bacterium had caused salmonella.

“Our company regularly carries out extremely comprehensive checks on all its products before they are released to the market. Sometimes, those checks cause temporary delays. However, our company never compromises on the quality or intactness of its products. Of course all the company’s products, including Telma cereals, are intact and safe for consumption,” said Unilever in a statement.

Despite such claims, large supermarkets chains say that Unilever deliberately misled them: “They told us that there was a shortage of their product because of massive consumer demand ,” explained a spokesman for one of the largest supermarkets in Israel. “Now it turns out that this was simply a complete lie. Their conduct is despicable.” Read more at Ynet.


{ Israel}


  1. Unilever is a billion dollar company that gave money to Hillarys campaign, so they are above the law and can’t be questioned.


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