Israel Security Agency Head Notes “Deceptive Calm” in Gaza

Israel Security Agency head Nadav Argaman told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday of a “deceptive calm” in Gaza, but noted that the years since the 2014 war with Hamas have been the quietest in 30 years, Haaretz reports.
“The economic-civilian difficulties in the Strip are getting worse,” Argaman said. “Rehabilitation of the Strip is faltering. There is a serious crisis when it comes to infrastructure. Unemployment is increasing. There is a crisis over [the payment of] salaries and a drop in the gross [domestic] product.”
Argaman stressed that Hamas is continuing to invest major resources in preparing for the next military confrontation with Israel, even at the expense of the well-being of the population. He also noted that Hamas was deepening its strategic ties with Shi’ite players, led by Iran.
{ Israel news Bureau}


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