Israel Set to Release More Palestinian Prisoners for “Peace Talks”


palestinian-terrorist-prisonersIsraeli officials are to meet Sunday to approve the release of a second batch of Palestinian prisoners under the terms of renewed peace talks. 26 prisoners would be freed, the same number as in the first tranche in August.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said two days before the July 30 resumption of talks that he had “agreed to free 104 Palestinians in stages, after the start of negotiations and according to progress.” The next handover may take place on Tuesday.

Israeli media also said Thursday that military forensics experts would begin DNA testing next month on relatives of at least 30 Palestinians killed over the years in militant attacks on Israelis, with a view to returning their remains where a match was found.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. When are they going to learn ? What correlation is there between releasing terrorist bent on discruction and murder to peace ???


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