Israel To Demolish Homes Of Palestinian Animals Who Carried Out Har Nof Massacre


demolishiONThe Israeli government will demolish the homes of four Palestinian terrorists in eastern Jerusalem, including the two terrorists responsible for the attack in Har Nof. The families of the terrorists received demolition notices from the Israeli police Thursday.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu advanced the demolition of terrorists’ homes after the attack, in which four rabbis-including three American citizens-and an Israeli Druze police officer were killed. At least seven other Jewish worshippers were injured.

Separately, Netanyahu condemned a decision by Ashkelon Mayor Itamar Shimoni to suspend Israeli Arab workers in response to the recent uptick in Palestinian violence.

“There is no place for discrimination against Israeli Arabs,” Netanyahu said. Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett added that “99 percent of Israeli Arabs are completely loyal” to Israel, the Associated Press reported.


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  1. Hey there Mr. Bennet, you might be right but would you like your family to fall victom to the 1%? Besides, that 1% is yesterday’s figures. Today it’s sadly much, much higher!

  2. Demolishing homes is close to nothing; it’s not even a consequence, nowhere’s near a punishment, and will not serve as a deterrent at all. Furthermore, the families of the terrorists are financially rewarded for this inhumanely cruel behavior!

    Regarding Mr. Bennet’s statement, I question the authenticity of such a statistic, & just how one is measuring loyalty to Israel; maybe we should measure how much of Mr. Bennet’s perception is a wishful pipe-dream, as opposed to any indication of reality. I’d hate to think of what it might take, chas v’shalom, for people who think that way to finally wake up & start to smell the coffee?

    Why are we so afraid to suspend or even stop Israeli Arab workers? Or to get the Arabs out of Israel for heaven’s sake (& our own!)

    Why are Israel’s leaders so afraid of what the world would say or think?? Don’t they know yet that the world will blame us and criticize us any way, regardless of what we do or don’t do? We would not need to do anything wrong, or barbaric; just common sense means of protecting our own people & country, as any other nation in the world would do, & taking steps to prevent such horrors.

    If only they feared Hashem the way they fear the world!!!

    May Hakadosh Baruch Hu watch over & protect all of Klall Yisroel!!!

  3. The headline writer owes all animals an apology. When animals attack humans it is only because they are hungry or feel an immediate physical threat. And they don’t single out Jews.


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