Israel to Vice-Chair UN Committee on Palestinian Refugees


mordechai-amichaiIsrael overcame a coordinated effort by Arab states on Wednesday to thwart its appointment as vice chair of a UN committee dealing with issues such as Palestinian refugees and human rights. Mordechai Amichai won the appointment to represent the Western European and Other Groups voting bloc on the 4th (Decolonization) Committee with 74 votes, while 68 countries abstained and two voted for other candidates. He received staunch backing from Britain, Canada and the UK.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor thanked countries that supported Israel’s bid and accused the Arab Group of hypocrisy.

“The Arab Group did not see anything wrong with the membership of Iran, a state that arms Assad and Hizbullah, in the Committee on Disarmament and International Security,” said Prosor.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. 1: Don’t perpetuate the enemy’s premise of the unique so called “Palestinian people” – call them what they are: Arabs residing in the region of Palestine which includes parts of the present day Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria.
    2: Equate the treatment of Arabs in Israel to the treatment of Jews in Arab countries: if the Arabs residing in Palestine deserve their own state, then there should be multiple Jewish states in all the multiple Arab countries; Israel accepted millions of Jewish refuges from Arab countries, Arab states should accept the Arab refugees from Israel.
    Naive of me to suggest the obvious – better be naive than crooked.

  2. Jo Shmo ; nobody’s going to hear you. You are too logical and make too much sense. We are living in a crazy,insane,crooked,warped,lying,and demented world. Sorry.

  3. No Jhmo, no “Arabs residing in the region of Palestine”, but Arabs squatters who have overstayed their welcome.


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