Israel: “We Are Not at War with the Palestinians, We’re at War with Hamas”


dore-goldAmb. Dore Gold, a foreign a policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, said in an interview on Monday: “We have a very serious problem in that Hamas has embedded its military capability inside the Palestinian population. What do you do if you’re Israel? Do you just say okay we’re going to use massive firepower against Palestinians?”

“We are not at war with the Palestinians, we’re at war with Hamas, so we want to separate the military capability of Hamas from the Palestinians and that’s what the Israeli military strategy is right now working on.”

“A sustainable cease-fire is not a cease-fire that leaves thousands of Iranian rockets sitting in place ready to be used at the next crisis or the next time Tehran wants them to put pressure on Israel. We’re just not going to allow that kind of situation.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Excellent expression of Israeli policy. It makes it clear to the world what we’re actually doing, instead of abandoning the hasbara front to the enemy.


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