Israeli Ambassador: Iran Nuclear Talks Could Leave Its Nuclear Weapons-Making Infrastructure Intact


ron-dermer“Israel is deeply concerned that a deal would be signed that would leave Iran effectively as a threshold nuclear power, meaning with their entire nuclear weapons-making infrastructure largely intact, and remove the sanctions,” Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer said in an interview.

“I definitely don’t trust Iranians, I hope no one trusts the Iranians,” he said. “The Iranian regime is the foremost sponsor of terror on the entire planet. They’re a terrorist regime that has perpetrated in the last four years terror attacks on five continents and 25 different countries. So the last thing you want to do is to leave this terrorist regime anywhere near to nuclear weapons.”

Questioned about U.S. attempts at encouraging peace talks in the region, Dermer said, “The reason we don’t have peace between Israelis and Palestinians is because the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people have never crossed that Rubicon to recognize the right of the Jewish people to a state of their own….I’m confident the second Israelis face a Palestinian leadership that is truly committed to peace, that is willing to end the conflict…you will see Israelis rush to peace.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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