Israeli Ambassador to the UN Condemns ‘Adoption’ of Hamas


ron prosorBy Matti Bernnhardt

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor condemned the decision in the UN Headquarters on Monday to adopt the Palestinian Return Center (PRC), an organization associated with Hamas. The UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) granted observer status to the Palestinian Return Center, which is based in the UK.

“Until today, the UN has given Hamas discounts and let it strengthen its activities. Now, the UN went one step further, and gave Hamas a welcoming celebration at its main entrance, allowing it to be a full participant,” Prosor said on Monday.

The Palestinian Return Center, which received the majority of the votes yesterday with 12 countries voting for it including Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, Venezuela, China and Cuba. The organization “denies Israel’s right to exist, supports the right of return of refugees to Israeli territory in order to establish a Palestinian state instead of the Jewish state, and opposes to the peace process,” the Israeli ambassador explained.

In 2010, Israel determined that the organization was illegal, because of its ties to Hamas. The PRC has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and works to promote anti-Israel propaganda in Europe.

“According to this script, one day we may find Hezbollah sitting at the Security Council and ISIS voting at the Human Rights Council. This is the peak season for the UN’s Theatre of the Absurd,” Prosor asserted.

The three countries to vote against allowing the PRC observer status, which will allow it access to UN sites and conferences with its NGO status, were the United States, Israel and Uruguay.

Tazpit News Agency



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