Israeli Arabs Petition For Right To Import Treif Meat


The Adalah Arab-Israeli human rights organization and Israeli-Arab businessmen have petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court for the right to import treif meat. At present, all meat imported into Israel must have the hechsher of the rabbinate due to a kashrus law introduced by Shas in 1994.

The petitioners claim that the rabbinate kashrus costs the Israeli Arab public and import companies over $100,000 monthly, yet provides absolutely no benefit to them and is thus a form of religious coercion.

“Arab citizens are forced to buy and consume imported meat, and must consume meat whose method of slaughtering… are forced upon them because of the implementation of Orthodox Jewish…,” said attorney Sawson Zaher, who is representing the petitioners.

The petition noted that certain halacha related laws such as prohibitions against raising pigs or selling chometz on Pesach already do not apply in areas where most of the populace are non-Jews, and pointed out that that minorities are sometimes exempt from such laws overseas. In Canada, for example, Jews who want to build sukkos on their balconies are exempt from a bylaw which forbids building structures on balconies.

If the Supreme Court accepts the petition, there is little doubt that the cheaper Muslim meat will end up in the kitchens of many secular Jews. Indeed, because the kashrus laws allow the PA to import hallal meat, large amounts of PA meat offloaded at ports mysteriously find their way into the Israeli market.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Either fast times with easy treif or Israel has a right to determine its commerce.

    We can only assume that Ishmael should assume that David’s land is not Ushmael’s and maybe the palestinians can move to a much friendlier world.

    One has no idea why there is no planned exodus to leave.

    Get this… A palestinian lives across the street from me here in America. He lives well; has memories of his father living on Jewish land and is different in that he has a sense of humor. I can imagine Hashem has given him a nice place to live and he can dream of times that the deals were easier before it was time for him to find a new home.

    If he can move, so can the rest. I can approach this man and have favorable conversation. There is no need for Ishmael to live in the Land of Israel and he can eat well anywhere else.

    Israel should not have to change its policy to accomodate an alien faction that makes our health and spirituality dim nagged by incorporated treif. This risks right Jewish health.

    If Israel can have a state, Ishmael can have dreams in other locations. They can be nice… The neighborhoods can be safe and friendships can be made met and improved.

    When does Awe for daring moves take place? Ishmael can eat well many times better anywhere else. Leave Israel for the jewish soul.

    Fast easy meals. America, Europe and the rest of the middle east. Your dinner bell is ringing far from the Awe of the jews. Bon Appetit.


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