Israeli Baby Hadas Keisler Injured in Palestinian Stone-Throwing Attack


hadas-keislerBy D. Bender

An 11-month-old Israeli baby traveling in her mother’s car near Yitzhar Junction in northern Samaria was showered with broken glass when a Palestinian mob hurled stones at their vehicle on Wednesday, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported.

Hadas Keisler sustained minor cuts and bruises when they came under attack by some 50 masked Palestinians from neighboring Burin, who hurled rocks and even items of furniture at passing Israeli vehicles.

“The army has to ensure that such events don’t happen,” said Shai, the infant’s father.

“After what happened during Operation Protective Edge [in Gaza], they act like they’re the lords and masters of the area, and can do as they please. They’re not deterred,” he declared, adding that there was no IDF presence in the vicinity.

Sagi Keisler, the leader of the regional settlement group, and the child’s aunt, said the “infant was hurt by a stone that smashed through the windshield, and hit her in the head.”

The infant was evacuated to a hospital in Petah Tikva for treatment.

“These kinds of ‘popular’ attacks are on the rise, and the security forces aren’t providing a proper response,” Keisler said. “We must treat stone throwing like attempted murder. We’re calling on the security forces to deal with this with a heavy hand.”

In the 51 days since the beginning of the Gaza operation, there has been a sharp rise in such attacks by Palestinians against Jewish motorists throughout the West Bank.

On Tuesday, an Israeli motorist driving near the village of Husan, south of Jerusalem, was attacked and nearly dragged off by Palestinians until security forces intervened, Israel’s 0404 News reported.

On Motzoei Shabbos, a Jewish family traveling in the Chevron area were hit in a similar stoning assault. The driver lost control of the vehicle in the attack, and flipped the car over, sustaining serious injuries. The husband and father was hospitalized and unconscious, after the attack.

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  1. Why don’t the Israeli drivers shoot these stone throwing arabs ? They could aim at their limbs and if by accident they are killed nu -nu


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