Israeli Book Chain to Sell Charlie Hebdo as Gaza Islamists Vent Fury Against Latest Edition



By D. Bender

Israel’s national Steimatzky’s book store chain plans to add Charlie Hebdo to its magazine racks, Israel’s Ch. 2 News reported.

More than 7 million copies of the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo were sold worldwide after Islamist terrorists killed 12 employees in an attack on the publication’s offices two weeks ago. Steimatzky announced that copies would go on sale locally as of next week.

The January 14 edition features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign saying, “Je Suis Charlie” (I am Charlie), with a headline above the cartoon reading, “Tout Est Pardonne” (All Is Forgiven).

A single copy of the magazine costs 35 shekels ($8.90 USD) and the first distribution outlet is set for Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan, next to Tel Aviv, according to the firm, which has distributed copies of the satirical magazine in the past.

In related news – which might impact Israeli sales of the magazine either way – enraged jihadists in Gaza took to the streets on Monday to support the Islamic State terror group and condemn Charlie Hebdo.

“Today, we are telling France and world countries that while Islam orders us to respect all religions, it also orders us to punish and kill those who assault and offend Islam’s Prophet Mohammad,” protester Abu Abdallah al-Makdissi told Reuters.

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