Israeli Border Policewoman Seriously Wounded In Latest Palestinian Attack


stabbing attackAn Israeli border policewoman was seriously wounded this morning when she was stabbed by a Palestinian woman at Rachel’s Crossing, the main transit point between Yerushalayim and Bais Lechem.

The attacker was arrested at the scene and brought in for questioning. Three knives were found in her possession. The policewoman, who was stabbed in the neck, was transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital for medical treatment.

The stabbing marks the latest incident in a spate of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces. Last Friday, a Palestinian man opened fire on Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. Also recently, a border policeman was critically wounded in a stabbing by a Palestinian man outside Shaar Ch’chem in Yerushalayim two days after an Israeli man was killed and another wounded when a Palestinian attacker shot them in their vehicle in Shomron.


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