Israeli Cabbies Block Cheaper Airport Fares


Israel’s Antitrust Authority filed an indictment against the National Taxi Association and its chairman, Yehuda Bar Ohr, for their refusal to honor a tender won by two cab companies. To win the tender, the companies had agreed to reduce cab fares from the Ben Gurion International Airport by 31%. This would have lowered a trip from the airport to Yerushalayim from $70 to $49.

Bar Ohr argued that lower fares would force the six hundred cabbies of his association to work at a loss.

{ Israel News}


  1. I took a taxi from Ben Gurion to Yerushalayim last week.

    Got totally ripped off: was charged $120 US.

    Beware of Tamir: In a brand-new Mercedes Taxi.


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