Israeli Company Sells $200 Million Tank Defense System to US Army


The Israeli defense company Rafael announced Tuesday that it has sold its state-of-the-art ASPRO-A tank defense system to the US Army.

Known as Ma’il Ruach (“Windbreaker”) in Israel, the ASPRO-A will be provided by Rafael in collaboration with DRS Leonardo for the price of $193 million. The systems will be built in both Israel and the US.

According to Israel’s Channel 2, ASPRO-A is an active defense system for tanks and armored personnel carriers. It is the only system of its kind that has been used in the field. Over 1,000 platforms have been produced, in particular for Israel’s large Merkava tanks.

The system uses advanced sensors to identify threats and then intercept them in a manner similar to Israel’s Iron Dome system, albeit on a smaller scale. It also ascertains the position of the attacker and relays it for targeting so the enemy can be promptly destroyed.

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  1. Windbreaker is an offshoot of the TROPHY system, which was developed jointly by the United States and Israel back in the 1990’s. I know this because I spent two weeks in the Negev Desert in 1998 testing the TROPHY system on behalf of the US.


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