Israeli Cops Suspend Drug Raid While Suspect Circumcises Son


bris-milahIn an “Only-in-Israel” moment, Border Police recently delayed hauling in a suspected drug dealer until he fulfilled seeing to his son’s bris milah.

When a team of officers first arrived at the suspect’s residence in southern Israel near the Green Line a few days ago, they were met at the front door by a 60-year-old woman and four children, who tried to stall the raid.

But police pulled out their search warrant, and busted down the door in order to search the premises, according to Israel’s Channel 2.

At this point, the typical police-raid-drug-den scenario went awry, and both Israeli in-your-face “chutzpa,” and accepted religious norms of the Jewish state came to fore.

The suspect in question had gone out food shopping for his son’s bris milah, coincidentally set for the same day and same hour as the raid.

The cops proceeded to cool their heels until he showed up a short time later, unawares, and toting bags of food and drink for the snack bar spread usually found at the festive event.

While the suspect immediately comprehended that “the jig was up,” he begged the police to hold off with the arrest until after the bris.

The police agreed to the request, and respectfully stood by as the suspect’s son was entered into the covenant of Avrohom Avinu.

But the cries of “Mazal Tov!” were no sooner uttered than the bust continued apace, and police confiscated over eight kilos of marijuana, 25 plants, tens of thousands of shekels in cash, and indoor growing equipment.

En route to the Beersheba police station, the suspect thanked the police for their forbearance.

“In the final analysis, you have to remember that we’re talking about human beings, even when they are behaving illegally,” the unit’s commander noted.

“I’m pleased that the officers both succeeded in behaving professionally as they carried out their mission, and behaving humanely towards the suspect,” he said.

“I’m happy that both the raid, and the brit, went well,” he concluded.

The Algemeiner Journal

{ Israel}


  1. Granted, he has indeed done a kiddush Hashem in the eyes of the L-rd with his right hand. His left hand however is seated in his own inhuman discretion for a lost value of social impact. This is the best story I have seen today since it means that even Hashem can be a friend of the lost silent world of an unappeazing traitor to human challnege.

    Stiff luck. Better bank account for time for the kiddie, but not so much love for the Trust in Good Nature.

    Plan to be merry but not so much that you have your shoes picked up by your own formative sin.

    Nice digest for his plant in the corner.

  2. What a Kiddush Hashem!!!! We should all be zoche to have these opportunities to beautify Hashem’s name and nation to the whole world!!!!


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