Israeli Court Blocks Opening Baby’s Grave


An Israeli court blocked a woman’s request to open the grave of her parents’ baby son to determine if he was really buried there, Haaretz reported. In 1950, the parents, Polish Holocaust survivors, were told that the boy had died in an Israeli hospital.

Judge Esther Zitnitski Rakover argued in her verdict that the chances of identifying the child by his DNA were slim. In addition, despite documentary contradictions regarding his death, “Were it not for the affair of the Yemenite children, it’s doubtful if the petitioner has met the required burden of proof.”

Furthermore, she said, nothing might be left of his bones and parts of neighboring corpses may have moved over to the grave.

{ Israel News Bureau} 


  1. The Medinat Judenrat did admit the mass kidnapping of the Taimanim; it is not unreasonable to suspect the same in this case. Even with all the possibilities mentioned by the judge, what harm can there be if the grave is opened and examined by forensic specialists? Unless the judenrat is trying very hard to hide more evidence of their crimes.

  2. While it wasn’t as common to do this to Holocaust survivors as it was to the Teimanim, I read reports that some Holocaust survivors did indeed suffer this same State-induced baby-snatching.
    So the request of this Polish couple is certainly reasonable.
    Really, really disturbing.


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