Israeli Defense Company Eyes Iron Dome Upgrades


iron-domeRafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Israeli company behind the Iron Dome system, is mulling  upgrades to the anti-missile system.

“There is something in the pipeline, both in terms of hardware and software improvements [to the Iron Dome]. I can’t say exactly what these are or when [they might be rolled out], but we are in a kind of race [with the Palestinian rocket firers] and we always need to update [the system] to increase the probability of a kill,” Gil S., a company executive who requested not to have his surname published, told IHS Jane’s in early April.

Since April 2011, the Iron Dome has intercepted more than 700 rockets at a rate of better than 80 percent.


{ Israel}


  1. I don’t get why a web site that has such disdain for the IDF and those who serve in the IDF would promulgate the advances of the aforementioned organization.