Israeli Defense Minister: Hamas Spends Millions on Rockets and Tunnels, Nothing on Clean Water or Electricity


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday, “In 2017, Hamas spent $260 million to manufacture rockets and dig tunnels, $100 million of which came from Iran, and the rest from tax collection and other donations. Hamas invested $260 million in military strength and wouldn’t divert even one shekel toward water, electricity, health or education….They’re willing to sacrifice all the residents of Gaza.”

Lahav Harkov reports for the JPost that asked if there was a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Lieberman said, “There is a very complex economic situation that must be taken care of, but no humanitarian crisis.” The problems in Gaza have to do with disagreements between Fatah and Hamas, he said. “We’re not part of it. Whoever suggests we take Israeli taxpayers’ money and give it to Gaza is mistaken…and talking about rehabilitation today, before there’s any progress on the issue of our captives – that’s simply immoral.”

Asked about a report in Al-Hayat claiming that Israel is going to attack Gaza during an upcoming military exercise, Lieberman said, “I want to make it clear, we have no intention to initiate any military action in Gaza, but I’m glad that Hamas’ leadership is panicking, which says a bit about their courage.”

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