Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon: “I Am Deeply Moved by Depth and Intimacy of Ties with U.S.”


moshe-boogie-yaalonDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon praised the “unbreakable alliance” with the U.S., and described Washington as Israel’s “greatest friend,” on which the Jewish state is strategically reliant.

“The U.S. supplied Israel throughout the years with wide-scale assistance, particularly in the defense field, and it is the one that assists Israel in standing up to challenges,” Ya’alon said on Tuesday.

“I am deeply moved every time by the depth of the ties and the intimacy between the defense establishments, and the militaries that are at their helm. In a changing and stormy Middle East, where one does not know what the next day will bring, these are important ties, like no other.”

“An argument, as harsh as it may be, will not darken relations between the countries and the gratitude felt by Israelis to the U.S. and its role in our defense and power.”

Discussing Israel Aerospace Industries’ production of wings for the F-35 stealth fighter, Ya’alon said these capabilities were driven by the knowledge that “if we are not the best, the most advanced, the most sophisticated, we simply will not be. This is the secret of our power and existence. This is our power. Our minds and hearts, spirit and knowledge.”

Ya’alon: I Wasn’t Snubbed During Recent Visit in U.S.

Ya’alon, referring to reports that he had received a cold shoulder during a recent visit to Washington, said Tuesday that most government officials were busy with the upcoming elections and therefore could not meet with him. Ya’alon spoke at the unveiling of an Israel Aerospace Industries production line where wings for the F-35 fighter jet will be produced. During his visit to Washington last month, Ya’alon met with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If true,why are we permitting the terror in Jerusalem,and why is the US Govt opposing the use of Jerusalem Israel before the US Supreme Court?

  2. Israel’s defense minister is such a decent person, he is kind with his words. This president obama has done no good to any of our allies . We are lucky he will be gone soon.America and Israel are friends and allies I believe this is how we can help each other in a violent world, so I pray G-d will bless us both for doing our best to be dencent and trustworthy to each other, G-d bless.

  3. Ya’alon is right. At the military level, there is no daylight between US and Israel.

    It’s the idiot politicians (on both sides) who don’t get it.


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