Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon Says Iran Nuclear Deal a ‘Tragedy for the Whole World’

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srael’s Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon on Sunday blasted the nuclear talks occurring in Lausanne, Switzerland saying that, “Iran becoming a virtual nuclear power will be a tragedy for the entire world.” His comments came as reports indicated that Iran and the P5+1 powers are on the verge of signing a nuclear agreement.

Ya’alon said, “In Switzerland, a very bad deal is expected to be signed with Iran, a country with an extremist and ruthless regime, which has succeeded in fooling the West.”

He added that, “Iran is sponsoring murderous and subversive terrorism, and has been negatively involved in every conflict in the Middle East,” noting that, “even today, Iran is involved – of course, for the bad – in the fighting in Yemen and was responsible for bringing down a Pro-Western government.”

Yaalon said that, “instead of punishing Iran,” for its destabilization of Yemen, “it is getting a prize. Instead of giving the Tehran regime an ultimatum to stop supporting terrorism…the West is welcoming Iran with open arms into the family of nations.”

Yaalon was not the only Israeli politician to express his misgivings on the expected deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu denounced the deal to his cabinet meeting on Sunday as “dangerous,” and that it “confirms our concerns and even worse.” He added that it was “dangerous for all of humanity and must be stopped.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi HaNegbi told public radio that Israel, “will not be bound by an accord concluded by others and will know how to defend itself.”

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz also criticized the deal, saying it was a “bad deal and full of loopholes,” adding that “very serious doubts also exist in the United States, Europe, France and Britain.”

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