Israeli Envoy: Nuclear Iran Is A ‘Thousand Times’ More Dangerous Than ISIS


ron-dermerIsraeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer addressed a pre-Rosh Hashanah reception at his home in suburban Maryland, where he warned the U.S. against accommodating Iran during the current effort to degrade ISIS.

“Now I know there is still some absurd talk in certain quarters about Iran being a partner in solving problems in the Middle East,” Dermer said. “They are not a partner, they were not a partner, they never will be a partner. Iran as a nuclear power is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Of course. Any 3 year old knows that. But the clown, Uncle Joe Biden, said in his debate with Paul Ryan: “Oh come on. I’ve been a friend of Bibi’s for a long time. Iran is NO threat to Israel”.


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