Israeli Ex-Defense Head Ya’alon Says Obama Made Many Errors With Iran


Blunders made by former President Barack Obama have allowed Iran to strengthen its influence in the Middle East, said former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in an interview with i24NEWS broadcast on Monday night.

“In a way, because of certain mistakes by the former US administration which demonstrated weakness, they [the Iranians] succeeded in gaining hegemony not just in Tehran but in Iraq vis-a-vis the Shi’a government, in Damascus by supporting Bashar al-Assad, in Beirut vis-a-vis Hezbollah, and nowadays in Sana, in Yemen as well,” said Ya’alon, listing a litany of countries where Iranian-backed political movements carry more sway.

Despite Obama’s mistakes on Iran, Ya’alon added that the president’s nuclear deal – where Western countries lifted sanctions in return for Iran’s halt on nuclear proliferation – did buy Israel breathing space.

“Now, we enjoy a delay in the project in the military and nuclear project. It’s a delay for a short while, for no more than a decade.” Read more at i24NEWS.





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